Zolendark, the Crimson Steel Beast, is the guardian of the Fire Chronos Tower. It is the third boss encountered in the game, during Chapter 15.

Appearance Edit

Zolendark is a large mechanical bird. Its wings, tail and torso are covered with glowing orange lines. It has two pipes on its back that let out smoke. It has a bright white crystal on its forehead, that reveals its weak points when hit.

Abilities Edit

Zolendark can fly and spit homing fireballs. It can also set a majority of its body on fire to defend itself.

Trivia Edit

  • Zolendark is one of the few characters in gaming history to have a realistic lava death, as instead of sinking a la Terminator 2, it floats at the top, slowly burning. This is because lava behaves just like any other liquid, and if something is less densely packed than the lava, it will float.
  • This boss is much harder in the 3DS and Wii U version because of the limited flight gauge.

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