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Tonio is a boy who lives in Garuda, in the same hidden village as Ion. He is Sonia's little brother.

Personality Edit

Tonio is somewhat of a crybaby and a scaredy-cat. He admires Rodea after Rodea helps him.

In-game events Edit

Tonio goes to the Mendous Tree and tries to get medicinal herbs for Sonia, but gets hurt in the process and starts crying. He is found by Rodea, and being scared of machines, he starts crying even more.

Ion tries to reassure him, then asks Rodea to help. When Rodea manages to gather a lot of herbs, Tonio feels grateful and starts trusting him.

Later, when Pedro accuses Rodea of being responsible for Ion's kidnapping, Tonio stands up for Rodea and shows him the way to Mt. Ebon. He follows Rodea even after Ion is rescued until the Fire Chronos Tower is stopped.

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