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R2, aka Rylus, is a robot from the R-Series. A defect in his voice chip causes him to refer to himself as "this one", instead of using first person pronouns. Sonia mistakes him for a fairy, and accidentally leads him to Ion's house.

Abilities Edit

In addition to his flight capabilities, Rylus possesses an upgraded version of Orthos's barrier projection technology, as well as a powerful rotating energy blade beam.

He seems able to teleport, as he does so at the end of Chapter 10, but he doesn't use that ability during battle.

In-game events Edit

When Rodea returns from the Sand Chronos Tower, Rylus is spying on him. Seeing him talk with Ion, Rylus comments that Rodea hasn't changed, and teleports away. He tricks Sonia into telling him the location of Ion's house, and later captures Ion.

He faces Rodea on the Ion Wave, introduces himself and asks the Key of Time in exchange for Ion. Rodea refuses and fights him.

Rylus is defeated and decides to jump down, taking Ion with him. Rodea grabs her just in time with his right hand. Rylus thinks Rodea's right arm will break easily, but Rodea explains that his arm was made by Ion and is stronger than it looks. Rylus feels jealous, and decides to let go of Ion, falling alone to his doom.

Rylus is briefly seen again in the new future, flying around as Rodea reunites with Ion.

Battle Edit

Rylus is fought only once in the game, as a middle boss at the beginning of Chapter 13.

Trivia Edit

  • In Japanese, Rylus uses English words in his speech, for example referring to himself as "me".
  • Rylus's name (in Japanese ライラス, rairasu) apparently comes from Laelaps (in Japanese ライラプス, rairapusu), a gifted dog from Greek mythology.

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