Odeon, the Glacial Mech Beast, is the guardian of the Ice Chronos Tower. It is the fourth boss encountered in the game, during Chapter 20.

Appearance Edit

Odeon is a huge mechanical primate, with massive arms and comparatively tiny legs. Its body is mostly made of dark metal with glowing cyan lines, but some parts such as its hands, neck, or the top of its head seem to be made of ice. It has a bright white crystal on its chest, that reveals its weak points when hit.

Abilities Edit

Odeon is very strong and can break huge rocks. It also has a cannon inside its mouth that can shoot missiles.

Trivia Edit

  • Odeon is called "Black Odeon" in Japanese (ブラックオデオン, burakkuodeon).
  • The boss theme for Odeon is called "Her Crisis".

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