The Key of Time is an ancient artifact of unknown origin. It plays an important part in the story of the game Rodea the Sky Soldier.

Powers Edit

The Key of Time has two main powers:

  • It can stop time in a specific area. Geardo was planning to use this power to invade Garuda by making Garuda stay above Naga.
  • A R-Series robot can used the Key of Time to open or close the R-Gate.

The Key's first power is not used during the game, so it's unknown whether it also requires a R-Series robot.

Additionally, other minor powers have been observed:

  • The Key of Time can be split into two halves. Its main powers will only work if it's intact. The two halves apparently react to one another when close.
  • It can float in mid-air.

In-game events (Spoilers!) Edit

Key half

Rodea's half of the Key of Time

To prevent Naga's invasion of Garuda, Princess Cecilia takes the Key of Time and flees to Garuda with Rodea. Naga's machine soldiers chase and corner them. To keep the Key away from Naga, Cecilia splits it in two, gives one half to Rodea and teleports him to safety. Valghis later ends up in possession of the other half, presumably retrieved from Cecilia's body.

1000 years later, Rodea loses his memories and forgets he carries the Key of Time, until Rylus reminds him. Rodea prevents Rylus and Kelvis from taking the Key half, but Valghis manages to take it, reconstitute the Key of Time and open the R-Gate.

On the other side of the R-Gate, 1000 years in the past, Rodea defeats Valghis and retrieves the Key of Time. He uses it to open the R-Gate so that Ion can go back to the future, but he stays behind to close the gate.

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