Deogordam, the Steel Titan, is the first boss you fight in Rodea the Sky Soldier. Its boss battle takes place during the entirety of Chapter 5, and it is the guardian of the Wind Chronos Tower.

Appearance Edit

Deogordam is a giant humanoid robot. It is made of dark metal covered with glowing cyan lines and symbols. It has a bright white crystal on its forehead, that reveals its weak points when hit; at that time, its eyes turn red and the non-glowing parts of its body turn bright blue.

Abilities Edit

Deogordam, being the first boss, has only two abilities; a slow punching attack, and the ability to electrocute the crevices of his body, turning them a cyan colour when active.

Strategy (Wii U/3DS) Edit

The best way to defeat Deogordam is to first run away for a few seconds until you have a good distance between both of you, making sure to have the camera face Deogordam's front. Then leap into the air, and perform a fast rise (Y). Do multiple fast rises until you are at about the same level as the white, glowing diamond on its forehead. Attack it to make four purple buttons appear on Deogordam's chest, legs, and back. Attack each button once to defeat Deogordam.

Trivia Edit

  • Multiple Deogordam-type guardians are seen in the intro, Prologue, and (in the Wii U/3DS version) the very first part of Chapter 1
  • According to the official website, Deogordam stands over 600 feet tall
  • Deogordam itself may be a reference to Shadow of the Colossus, with its immense size and human-like scream.

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