The mysterious Chronos Towers are four mechanical towers located on the Naga Empire, but are tall enough that they surround Garuda every time it passes over Naga, once every 1000 years. At that time, the machines of the Naga Empire can use the Chronos Towers to reach Garuda.

At the top of each tower, a portal leads to an area (the location of which is unclear) where resides a mechanical titan guarding the tower.

In Rodea the Sky Soldier, every time a guardian is defeated, its tower shuts down, and the player moves on to the next stage.

The four towers, in the order they are visited in the game, are:

  •  The Wind Chronos Tower, located in the Grasslands stage. Its guardian is Deogordam, the Steel Titan.
  • The Sand Chronos Tower, located in the Desert stage. Its guardian is Belhemous, the Mighty Sand Dragon.
  • The Fire Chronos Tower, located in the Volcano stage. Its guardian is Zolendark, the Crimson Steel Beast.
  • The Ice Chronos Tower, located in the Snowbank stage. Its guardian is Odeon, the Glacial Mech Beast.

Trivia Edit

  • In chapter 14, after activating the warp point inside the Naga base, the on screen instructions mistakenly label the fire Chronos Tower as the clock tower.

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