Belhemous, the Mighty Sand Dragon

Chapter 10 consists of the second boss battle, against Belhemous.

Story Edit

Rodea teleports to an isolated area where he meets Belhemous, which comes out of the sand. Like Deogordam, Belhemous seems to be the guardian of the Chronos Tower. After a battle, Rodea defeats Belhemous, which falls apart.

Rodea comes out of the portal in front of the Chronos Tower, and reunites with Ion on a sandy island. Meanwhile, a humanoid robot spies on them before teleporting away.

Level Description Edit

The boss battle takes place over a large round island, covered with sand and encircled by industrial buildings. Above it, there are several floating rocks with metallic installations.

The island is surrounded by thick clouds, and what looks like yellow holograms of gears rotating in the sky.

Boss Battle Edit

Belhemous usually flies in a circle at Rodea's altitude, and regularly attacks. It has two main attacks: spitting homing missiles (it stays immobile while doing this), and accelerating (it flies at a high speed, not necessarily in a circle, while being surrounded by purple smoke and will damage Rodea on contact). More rarely, it sometimes flies out of reach for a while before coming back.

Belhemous has a light on its forehead. Hitting that light makes its 4 weak points appear on its back, and make Belhemous try to swallow Rodea. Rodea must then attack the inside of its mouth, otherwise he'll take damage.

Once 2 of the weak points have been destroyed, Belhemous will accelerate and go under the sand for a moment. This will close its remaining weak points, so Rodea will have to attack its forehead again and repeat the process. Belhemous is defeated when all 4 weak points are destroyed.

Rewards Edit

Upon completing Chapter 10, in the Wii version, Stage 3 for multiplayer mode will be unlocked.

Trivia Edit

  • The music heard during the Belhemous fight, Danger Lurking, uses quick, high pitched violin notes, and, along with the fight's concept of a drawn out battle against an enormous, sharp-toothed beast, seems to be a nod to the 1975 film Jaws.